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Rebel Girl: September 12, 2018: the historical significance of September 11, updates on the final week of the national prison strike, protests in Argentina as the economy continues to collapse, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief on hurricane Florence, and phone-zaps galore on this episode of…

Riot Dogg: The Hotwire.

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Riot Dogg: Thanks in large part to the anti-fascist forces in Rojava, the Islamic State has been on the decline in Syria and Iraq. But 17 years on from 9/11, the instability sowed by the Iraq War, which drove desperate and angry Iraqis into ISIS ranks, continues.

In the region of Basra, where 95% of Iraq’s oil is exported from, revolt has erupted over the last month over the lack of basic services such as clean drinking water. Protesters have torched government buildings and the offices of political parties, blocked roads, and shutdown a seaport, while the response from the government has been hundreds of arrests and police shooting and killing demonstrators. One of the protest organizers was quoted saying, “We will not allow the oilfield to operate unless we get clean water. No services, no jobs and now no clean water. We are fed up.”

Meanwhile, liberals in the US largely ignore the consequences of the war, instead letting themselves get distracted by the current reality-show-in-chief, or smashing the like buttons on twitter videos of George Bush being so goofy and silly. At John McCain’s funeral—where eulogies with vague anti-Trump subtext drew enthusiastic liberal praise—folks on Twitter got all nostalgic for George W. Bush after he cutely snuck some candy over to the Obamas.

Here at the Hotwire—we don’t forget, and we don’t forgive. The attacks of September 11, 2001 (which killed 2,996 people) and the ensuing US invasions (which killed hundreds of thousands) illustrate how nationalism functions to create conflicts that are in no one’s interests except leaders who profit on hatred. In this regard—there’s nothing exceptional that distinguishes Trump from Bush. It’s not these men that we need to depose, it’s the system that produces them and amasses the power that they wield.

Rebel Girl: And let’s not forget about the other 9/11. Yesterday marked 45 years from the 1973 right-wing military coup against the democratically elected socialist president of Chile, Salvador Allende.

While the CIA openly admits to being behind this 9/11, that’s somehow not enough of a conspiracy for truthers like Alex Jones. In fact, some of his pals like Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys wear t-shirts celebrating the torture and murder of anti-dictatorship militants during the 17 years of fascist military government that followed the coup.

Already on September 9, thousands of family members and other activists gathered in the national cemetery in Santiago, decrying the impunity of those responsible for the dictatorship’s horrors and demanding truth about those disappeared and tortured. The demonstration ended with burning blockades and confrontations with the police.

We’re finishing up this Hotwire before the traditional nighttime resistance and commemorations take place, but we’ll be back next week with the highlights of what went down in Chile.

Riot Dogg: In neighboring Argentina, the economy has taken a nosedive in the past couple of months, with the rate of the peso to the American dollar nearly tripling. Popular responses to the crisis have taken different forms, from pots and pans caceralazo protests in Bueos Aires, La Plata, Rosario, and Mar del Plata, to the mass lootings of supermarkets, organized over WhatsApp chats, in the cities of Comodoro Rivadavia, El Chaco, and Mendoza. Police shot and killed a thirteen year old during the looting in El Chaco. At the end of August, a march against public university budget cuts ended with clashes outside the presidential residence in Buenos Aires.

When Argentina’s economy collapsed in 2001, it gave rise to a massive movement of factory takeovers, neighborhood assemblies, squatted social centers, independent media, and other autonomous initiatives that anarchists came out of, much of it under the slogan “our dreams will never fit into their ballot boxes.” Faced with such an ungovernable movement, the government went through five presidents in a little over a week. While hardship and oppression always produce resistance, the early 2000s in Argentina had a widespread spirit of creation, cooperation, and innovation. We’ll keep you updated on ways to support autonomous initiatives in Argentina as this crisis deepens.

Rebel Girl: In Kothen, Germany, 2,500 neo-Nazis rallied after two migrants were arrested over a fight that led to the death of a German national. Despite the fact that prosecutors said the man died as a result of a previous condition, rather than injuries sustained during the fight, Nazis copied the playbook from two weeks ago in Chemnitz and exploited the death as grounds to stage marches with chants of “national socialism now.” Only about 200 antifascists showed up to confront the crowd. In the marches, nationalists displayed white supremacist symbols from around the world, including the KKK’s blood drop cross. If this is surprising, just remember that Hitler modeled the Nazis’ race laws on the Jim Crow south of United States. And in turn, the far-right in other parts of the world have taken inspiration from the recent neo-Nazi mobs in Germany.

This weekend in Toronto, anti-fascists twice tried to block a white supremacist march under the banner of PEGIDA—the German acronym for the xenophobic movement behind the nazi mobs in Chemnitz. Both times, the Toronto police did the dirty work for the nazis, breaking up the anti-fascists blocking the nazis’ path.

In the days after Chemnitz, the Proud Boys Canada stepped out of their already-shallow Nazi closet and celebrated the Nazi legacy in Germany on Facebook, “When migrants fuck shit up in the birthplace of Nazism, they should’ve expected an eventual breaking point. These are repressed descendants of a people who committed an efficient genocide. Maybe staying polite and trying to integrate would be a better policy?”

Riot Dogg: That line about “integrating” is actually an important one for understanding neo-fascists like the Proud Boys. They may say they’re not racist, and may even have a somewhat multi-racial membership, but they don’t mind if it’s the threat of racist genocide that makes people assimilate, or otherwise helps them get their way.

Rebel Girl: Ok but let’s be clear here—a lot of Proud Boys are actual white supremacists, or at least tolerate them, which is just as bad. And any definition of “racism” that they may have is as narrow as it is disingenuous—like, for example, a border system that mostly does violence to black and brown bodies trying to escape the disastrous consequences of European and North American colonialism IS RACIST.

Riot Dogg: I get what you’re saying and I think we agree about 99% about fascist scum like the Proud Boys, but I DO think there is something unique about them that’s worth focusing on. Since the alt-right was discredited after Charlottesville last year, nominally multi-racial fascist groups like Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys are still gaining ground. It’s a different context, but this could partially explain the eruption of the neo-Nazi mobs in Chemnitz. The man they were supposedly “grieving” for was German-Cuban, and by North American standards, he was brown, Latino, not purely white. Nazis there might have thought this legitimized them in some way, or at least disarmed their detractors.

Critiques of white supremacy have been at the center of the anti-police uprisings, prison strikes, anti-pipeline struggles, and anti-fascist organizing of the past few years, but it might be time to once again add the anarchist critique of nationalism to our toolbox, and I’m not just talking about borders here.

Rebel Girl: Oh man! I used to LOVE that classic anarchist stuff, almost as much as I hated standing for the Pledge of Allegiance! Like Emma Goldman’s essay Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty.

Ahem, “The centralization of power has brought into being an international feeling of solidarity among the oppressed nations of the world; a solidarity which represents a greater harmony of interests between the workingman of America and his brothers abroad than between the American miner and his exploiting compatriot; a solidarity which fears not foreign invasion, because it is bringing all the workers to the point when they will say to their masters, ‘Go and do your own killing. We have done it long enough for you.’”

But, I still don’t really get what you’re saying… like, it’s still good to expose the ties that Proud Boys, or cops for that matter, have to explicit neo-Nazis when we can—it helps delegitimize them based on popularly held values.

Riot Dogg: And what I’m saying is there are popularly held values that they recruit on too, fundamentally, patriotism and nationalism, so we should do what we can to undermine those. And Emma Goldman is great, but we don’t even have to go that far back in the anarchist movement to remember a time when anti-nationalism played an important role. Speaking of the Bush years and the War on Terror, there was a great pamphlet that circulated at anti-war demonstrations back then called Peace is Patriotic, and That’s the Problem. It showed that the myth of America’s “greatness,” whether used to argue for war or against it, is hollow—America’s very existence, even during so-called “peacetime,” is based on the exploitation of the poor, a racist prison system, centuries of slavery, and, at the end of the day, whatever is best for the economy at the expense of the rest of us.

Rebel Girl: …We can still doxx Nazis though?

Riot Dogg: Yes. We definitely SHOULD still doxx Nazis. I’m just saying we should raise the bar to the point that we can delegitimize the far-right even if they’re not technically exactly national socialists.

Rebel Girl: Dig it. And that brings us to this week’s coverage of anarchist news in North America.

Before we re-cap the week, we want to share an urgent message regarding Hurricane Florence from our comrades in Mutual Aid Disaster Relief.

“Florence is projected to hit the coast along North and South Carolina late this week (likely Thursday night).

“The storm’s potential path… includes half a dozen nuclear power plants, pits holding coal-ash and other industrial waste, and numerous eastern hog farms that store animal waste in massive open-air lagoons.

“We cannot stress how serious a situation this is. As with any forecast, there is some uncertainty, but confidence is high that this will be a major storm.

“The Time to Act is Now

“Just as government and non-profit agencies are starting to prepare for this storm, our communities must act now to support one another… In disasters of this scale, marginalized communities are often left behind, and there are many poor, Black, and rural communities in the cross-hairs of this storm. As always, people will depend on mutual aid for their survival in the days ahead. Getting ready now can make a real difference. This includes food, water, a flashlight, batteries, first aid supplies and cash if possible. Keep your phone charged and gas tank full leading up to the storm.

“Also, think about the connections, networks, and assets you already have in your community. Where might be a potential place to operate a decentralized relief effort out of? What supply donations might you be able to tap into? The biggest antidote to fear is coming together with your trusted friends and comrades and strategizing together how to be there for each other.”

The message from the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief network ends with their contact,, plus that of Blue Ridge Autonomous Defense Crew and Tidewater IWW in the Norfolk, Virginia area. We have all of their contacts in our shownotes, where you can also find links to our interviews about Mutual Aid Disaster Relief’s efforts last year in Florida after Hurricane Irma and in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. In both interviews, relief solidarity activists describe how police used their exceptional powers during and after the disaster to harass activists and run background checks on folks seeking shelter, criminalizing them and dissuading the marginalized and undocumented from seeking safety.

Remember that government’s priority isn’t to keep people safe—it’s to protect property and those who have the most of it. As we’ve seen for over a decade, from Katrina to Sandy to Harvey, Irma, and Maria—it’s autonomous mutual aid efforts like Common Ground in New Orleans, or Occupy Sandy in New York, or the constellation of autonomous groups in Texas and Florida and Puerto Rico last year who are best suited to directly and immediately organize around community needs in the wake of climate disasters. To keep us safe, we gotta get organized.

Y’all stay safe and brave out there.

Riot Dogg: It’s especially important that we not forget about those behind prison walls throughout this coming storm season. Officials in South Carolina have already declared that they won’t be evacuating prisoners, even in counties where mandatory evacuation has been ordered. We should be ready to build on the momentum and connections of the recent National Prison Strike to mobilize support for people in facilities that get hit hard by the storms. One way you can help is by calling the Federal Bureau of Prisons, for Virginia and North Carolina at 301–317–3100 and for South Carolina at 678–686–1200, and demanding that prisoners be evacuated before Florence lands.

Rebel Girl: That Prison Strike, by the way, ended this weekend, on September 9, the 47th anniversary of the Attica Prison Uprising. Since information about the strike gets heavily controlled both going in and out of prisons, we’re sure we’ll be hearing reports for weeks to come, but for now we’ll share the updates and actions we heard about in the last week.

The hunger strikes we reported on in California’s New Folsom Prison and in the Northwest (immigrant) Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington are going strong. And the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee has new confirmations of hunger strikes at Michael Unit in Texas, inside the California State Prison in Los Angeles County, and at least one prisoner is on hunger strike inside the Leavenworth Penitentiary in the midwest. It was also recently confirmed that at the supermax prison in Youngstown, Ohio at least one block engaged in a fast on the first days of the strike and there was a commissary boycott throughout the facility. This was preceded by a work stoppage in the prison about a month earlier, in July.

Riot Dogg: Since the strike began on August 21, Jailhouse Lawyers Speak has confirmed strike activity and work stoppages in 5 facilities throughout Florida, with participation ranging between 30 and 70 prisoners in each facility.

Prisoners also engaged in work stoppages at Jessup CI in Maryland and the McConnell Unit in Texas.

There has also been boycott activity and work strikes in Coxsackie and Eastern Correctional Facilities in New York, in five facilities in South Carolina, in two prisons in Georgia, and at one in Kentucky.

At the Alger Correctional Facility in Michigan, a group of prisoners are boycotting all phone contact and payment to Global Tel Link, a private company contracted with the prison to manage the calls prisoners make.

Rebel Girl: On the outside, an ongoing encampment across from a prison work camp has drawn out at least a hundred supporters protesting the Florida DOC’s slave–labor contracts with the city of Gainesville and the University of Florida. From their report on It’s Going Down, the encampment has included, “soft blockades of City-owned vehicles leaving for contract assignments, as well as people following labor crews to document and demonstrate at the work locations… Prisoners have repeatedly given consistent signs of appreciation for the protests, including nods, smiles and throwing up power fists, even in the face of overseers and guards. Activists affiliated with the camp have sent mail into prisoners to establish direct contact, but have repeatedly gotten their mail censored in a clear attempt to reduce inside/outside communication.”

The camp, which lasted one week and disbanded Sunday, is under constant threat by law enforcement, and one reckless corrections officer even clipped a demonstrator with the rear-view mirror of his vehicle.

In Philadelphia, prison solidarity rebels waged a campaign of vandalism against prison profiteers, and sent a communiqué to It’s Going Down about the actions, which include shattering Starbucks windows, slashing the tires of 8 Comcast trucks, sabotaging 6 card readers of Wells Fargo, Citizens Bank, and Bank of America ATMs; and slashing the tires on a prison guard’s personal car.

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, police tackled and pepper sprayed Wobblies engaged in a noise demonstration outside of the Burnside prison, which has seen strike activity in the last weeks. However, the police were not able to stop prisoners inside from seeing and hearing the support, and they made noise inside to join with the demonstration.

A new tree-sit was launched in the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Virginia this past weekend, with a big beautiful banner that reads, “NO PRISONS, NO PIPELINES,” decorated by a bear breaking through prison bars and lighting flames.

Riot Dogg: One of the things that’s so cool about this year’s prison strike is the way folks have repped it at other points of struggle. When the Silent Sam statue was toppled in Chapel Hill, there was a banner for the prison strike there. Same with the anti-fascist march in Philadelphia that we reported on in August, and now seeing it tied into the struggle against the pipeline in Virginia just warms my heart.

Rebel Girl: It’s one of the best ways we can break the sense of isolation that prison walls are there to impose—by both being a part of prisoner led struggles on the inside, but also including prisoners in struggles taking place on the outside—whether that be by repping the strike or inviting them to make a statement for an event.

Riot Dogg: We can also show support by responding to the phone zaps to support prisoners facing retaliation for standing up. The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee Twitter, @IWW_IWOC is the best place to find the latest phone zap needs, but we’ll highlight one here for Jason Renard Walker, a Texas inmate associated with the 2016 prison strike has been subject to an increasingly intense campaign of harassment from staff at the Telford Unit. The prison issued him with a bogus case for threatening a member of staff, and then sent him to lockup, preventing him from even being able to attend his own hearing for the trumped-up case. Public support and pressure is urgently needed to defend Jason from this retaliation. You can call the Telford Unit at 903–628–3171 to demand an independent investigation into his case and to stop all retaliation and harassment against him. There’s a sample script in our shownotes.

And with that I kind of jumped the gun on the Repression Round up so…


Riot Dogg: In this week’s repression roundup…

That last phone zap, but another that we will mention in detail will happen on Monday, starting at 9am eastern, in support of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, a Black liberation prison journalist and organizer who is being targeted due to speaking with the media about the prison strike. The Virginia Department of Corrections is planning to hold a hearing Monday September 10th, to have Rashid transferred out of state yet again. This is a punitive act, most likely retaliation for Rashid’s ongoing writings about prison conditions and the current prisoners strike

Monday morning, starting at 9 AM, please phone and email the official in charge of interstate compact: Chief of Corrections Operations David Robinson. You can call the main office number at 804–674–3000 and ask to be transferred to his phone line. Robinson’s email address is When leaving a message or talking to Mr Robinson, refer to Rashid by his legal name Kevin Johnson. Explain that he is better off in Virginia, that he has been subjected to serious human rights abuses during previous transfers.

Rebel Girl: Last Wednesday, six protesters were arrested after a demonstration against fish farms at a shipyard in Victoria, Canada. The group boarded the dry-docked Orca Chief, which is owned by Marine Harvest, which owns and operates several fish farms on the B.C. coast.  All six were arrested for mischief as well as breaking and entering.

Riot Dogg: On September 7th, the first group of defendants arrested during the occupation at the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland, Oregon, appeared in court on charges including disturbance and obstruction. According to the Portland GDC Twitter account:

“All of the defendants have chosen to fight their charges & take the state to trial!” Court dates are all tentatively been set for Nov. 2. If you want to support comrades standing against the state’s intimidation tactics, email

Rebel Girl: Late last week, the eviction of treehouses in the Hambacher Forest began, and activists occupying the forest continue to report of violent attacks by police, including the driver of a mobile kitchen being threatened with a gun, and a peaceful activist being brought to the hospital with a broken arm. Police are also considering logging “security strips” on the side of the road to make it harder for activists to gather along the road. We can’t emphasize this enough, go to the Hambacher forest before it’s too late!

Riot Dogg: In addition to responding to a fucking HURRICANE, activists in North Carolina have been inundated with a non-stop barrage of pro-confederate demonstrations.

For the third time in just as many weeks at the site of the recently toppled confederate statue in Chapel Hill, police coddled pro-confederates and neo-nazis while harassing and arresting anti-racist demonstrators. On Saturday, cops first confiscated canned food from a “Nazis Suck Potluck and Food Drive,” under the pretense that that the cans could be thrown at the dozen or so racists present. Then, once the confederate side was escorted away, police turned their attention on the 100 anti-racist protesters and began shoving them to the ground, setting off smoke bombs, and, in the end, they arrested 8 people.

Rebel Girl: So, let me get this straight, so far the police in Chapel Hill have arrested one kid for getting punched by a racist at least twice his age, attacked an anti-confederate dance party, and now on Saturday they literally flipped the tables at a potluck?

Riot Dogg: That’s right. However, the cops might be biting off more than they can chew. A monthly police advisory council meeting on Tuesday, that normally takes place at the police department, was changed to take place at a local library. Nearly 100 community members showed up in anger over the treatment of anti-racist demonstrators, and forced the cops to leave before the meeting even started.

It’s not Just the cops though, they’re also being supported by KKKeyboard warriors. Right-wing groups have been especially aggressive in their doxxing campaigns around Charlottesville and North Carolina over the last year, and as local news has released the full names of this weekend’s arrestees, it would be a good time to show support and let the arrestees know they’re not alone by donating to their legal fundraiser, which you can find at

Rebel Girl: In Washington, DC, an anarchist and antifascist comrade who was filming during Unite the Right II was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury Tuesday. What follows are excerpts from the statement released by an ad hoc committee:

“We do not know why this individual’s footage is being subpoenaed (though we may have a few theories). But anarchists and antifascists in the United States have taken a longstanding, principled position of opposing grand juries. Our comrade does not intend to report for questioning or turn over any footage. The comrade does so at risk of bodily safety: The state can imprison people for an indefinite period of time for resisting a grand jury subpoena. We will not submit.

“This grand jury is a true witch hunt. Grand juries are a way to summon everyday people into a court setting without the person actually knowing what prosecutors or investigators are looking to charge someone with. It is a way to bring someone into questioning against their will, without that person knowing who is being suspected of doing what.

“We cannot accept this behavior, nor allow the state to strong-arm us into a place of fear. We resist.”

Riot Dogg: After rallying in support of the subpoenaed comrade Tuesday morning, the subpoena was dropped. Way to go! Anarchists in Hamilton, Ontario unearthed a bona fide undercover cop in their midst. “Shane” has been around Hamilton activist circles for the last two years, and the expose explains that there weren’t any major red flags, but rather a combination of suspicious behaviors…like harassing women and relaying sentiments using common terms or slang, but out of context. The report cautions readers to keep in mind that some suspicious indicators may not be enough to warrant expulsion from a community, but certainly a good reason to get to know someone more. They link to a useful guide for identifying and confirming undercovers. Rebel Girl: Hamilton! Way to sess out a rat, y’all! Riot Dogg: On August 29th in Guerrero, Mexico, activist Clemente Cabrera Benítez was violently abducted by heavily armed guards identifying themselves as ministerial police. Clemente is part of the struggle to resist a hydroelectric dam that will destroy communal landholdings. He is known to be active with the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to the La Parota Hydroelectric Dam, which has been fighting the dam since 2004. That group stated, “We are sure that this new act of state terror is derived from the recent liberation of eight of our compañeros, who were acquitted of all charges against them due to the lack of evidence.” The group continues their struggle despite assassinations, abductions, and arrests. Clemente joins 15 other CECOP prisoners currently jailed.


Riot Dogg: And now for prisoner birthdays and next week’s news.

Rebel Girl: Today is the birthday of Leonard Peltier, an American Indian Movement warrior imprisoned after a 1975 shoot-out between the FBI and AIM in which two federal agents and an indigenous man were killed. Four years after his imprisonment, a Freedom of Information Act request released documents which prove Leonard Peltier’s innocence and the FBI’s targeting of him.

Riot Dogg: We have an address for writing to Leonard Peltier in our shownotes, where you can also find a useful guide for writing prisoners from New York City Anarchist Black Cross.

Rebel Girl: And now, for next week’s news, our list of events that you can plug into in real life.

Riot Dogg: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief will give a brief presentation on September 15th at 10:30am at the Uplift Climate Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Rebel Girl: On September 21 at 6 PM, there’s a post-#PrisonStrike letter-writing night at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis.

Riot Dogg: This weekend there are anarchist bookfairs on both the east and west coasts. The Eastern Connecticut Workers Bookfair will take place on Saturday in Parade Plaza, New London, Connecticut. And also on Saturday, September 15, there’s the 23rd annual Bay Area anarchist bookfair in California, with workshops on transformative justice, grand jury resistance, fighting fascism, and decolonizing radical publishing. Also, CrimethInc. will have a table with all the regular goodies and hopefully a very special new zine. You can check out for more info.

Rebel Girl: Also on Saturday, there’s a call for anti-fascists to gather in Johnson City, TN to oppose the neo-confederate League of the South, who have threatened to show up and protest the LGBTQ TriPride march. The call warns, QUOTE, “The fascists could show up on any part of the march route so be prepared to visibly or physically block them from interfering with the pride march.”

Later in the month, on September 29, League of the South are holding a rally in Elizabethton, Tennessee, to protest the fall of Silent Sam and other Confederate monuments. According to the call to action, “Sycamore Shoals State Park has been announced as the venue, but the word from park officials is no one has applied for a “special permit” for the announced date. The league continues to promote the event online despite this, so [be] ready despite what state officials might [say]. Stay tuned to @HollerNetwork and @knoxradical on twitter for updates.”

Riot Dogg: At the end of the month, the 12th annual Balkan Anarchist Bookfair is taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia. This bookfair is particularly cool because while other anarchist bookfairs are based in certain cities, the Balkan Anarchist Bookfair takes place in a different country throughout the region each year—from Slovenia to Bulgaria to Greece to Croatia and, this year, Serbia! Find out more at bask2018, that’s B A S K 2018 DOT noblogs DOT ORG

Rebel Girl: And lastly, pre-sales are now open for the 2019 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar. The theme of next year’s calendar is Health/Care, and it features art and writing from current and former political prisoners like David Gilbert, Mike and Chuck Africa, and Laura Whitehorn. Find out more at


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