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Rebel Girl: November 21, 2018: Reports from anti-fascist demonstrations in Philadelphia and Portland, anti-fascists in North Carolina speak out on right-wing doxing efforts against them, Mutual Aid in the aftermath of the Camp Fire, coast to coast pipeline resistance, upcoming events, updates on prison rebels, and much more on this season’s second to last episode of …

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Rebel Girl: Yesterday, cities across the globe glittered with candlelight to honor Transgender Day of Remembrance to honor trans and gender non-conforming people that have been lost to murder this year.

Heartbreakingly, in the US alone, 2018 has seen at least 22 trans people killed by violent means – the majority of whom were Black trans women. This is a conservative estimate, because people are often misgendered by family, media, or the state.

Trans Day of Remembrance reminds us how important it is to put dismantling the gender binary in the center of our struggles while celebrating the incredible beauty, power, and creativity of gender disobedience.

And it’s not all candles and tears out there. This year and in years prior, there has been fierce resistance in the wake of trans murders. In late August, trans people of color and allies took over an intersection in front of a New Mexico courthouse, after the death of Roxana Hernandez. Roxana was a 33 year old Honduran migrant who crossed over 2,000 miles in a migrant caravan only to die in ICE custody. People stopped traffic, called for justice for Roxana and demanded the release of all transgender immigrant detainees.

Trans scholars report in Captive Genders, that after Laverne Turner, a Black gender variant person murdered by Los Angeles police in 1970, the Gay Liberation Front gathered for a “tin can demonstration” outside the police station. Their goal was to prevent the police from harming anyone else in their community for at least a short period of time, either through magically levitating the police station off the ground or by sheer force of numbers.

And the organization BreakOUT! in New Orleans has expanded TDOR into the Trans Day of Resilience, a shift in tradition many have embraced. This shift highlights that TDOR is not only about honoring those who have died, but also about honoring trans women of color while they are still alive, and celebrating the survival and resistance of trans communities over time. And to remind us all that we should honor the dead and fight like hell for the living, and to uplift the lives and resistance of trans people of color, there are beautiful works of arts released annually for free download at

Riot Dogg: Saturday was the anniversary of the student uprising in Greece that was the beginning of the end of the military junta that ruled the country for 7 years. After a commemorative march in Athens, anarchists hurled stones and molotovs at police outside the polytechnic university where dozens of students died 45 years ago.

Rebel Girl: In Hamilton, Ontario, the IWW recovered 1,000 Canadian loonies—that’s dollars—for a fellow worker. They simply got a group of workers with disapproving faces together to read a letter out loud inside the bar where the boss hadn’t paid up, and the money was delivered three days later. Their report describes the campaign as “ridiculously easy” and the boss, upon seeing the letter, as “shook.” Great goods getting’, wobs!

Riot Dogg: In Superior, Wisconsin, pipeline opponents marched downtown with banners reading “NO ENBRIDGE ON STOLEN LAND. NO LINE 3,” before blockading the Enbridge Headquarters on all sides, shutting it down.

Rebel Girl: On Monday morning in Lindside, West Virginia, a pipeline protester halted work at a Mountain Valley Pipeline construction site by scaling a boom tractor and locking themself to the top, more than 20 feet in the air. The boom tractor is the piece of equipment that actually lays the pipe in the ground. The protester hung a banner reading “STOP MVP, NO PIPELINES ON STOLEN LAND,” and read a statement, “Who are you responsible to? I’m here with the people that don’t vote, the ones without IDs. The little birds and deer and flowers and stars, the dormant seeds and ancestors. We have always been here. We will always be here.”

Riot Dogg: Meanwhile, in Humboldt County, California, activists climbed one hundred feet into the canopy of one of the trees threatened by Sierra Pacific Industries’ clear-cut logging in the Mattole River watershed. One forest defender set up a platform and is now living in this ancient tree. When asked why they are taking direct action against Sierra Pacific, the forest defender replied “The smoke from the devastating Camp Fire fills the air here, providing a constant reminder that lives are on the line. The health of these fire resistant forests is crucial to protecting the health of our planet both locally and globally. This type of timber extraction leaves the forest slashed, dried out and very fire prone.”

Rebel Girl: Over the weekend, hackers from Anonymous Italia attacked 14 websites belonging to corporations responsible for hastening the destruction of the planet.

On Saturday, 6,000 people blocked five major bridges in central London to raise the alarm on the climate and ecological crisis we are living through, while 3,000 people planted trees in Parliament Square.

Riot Dogg: It’s like that old backpatch says: even if the world were to end tomorrow, I’d still plant a tree today.

Rebel Girl: Yeah well, the end may not be tomorrow but looking at California, it could be coming soon. The Camp Fire may not even be halfway done burning, and officially over 70 people have died and hundreds are missing. Last week, the air quality in Northern California ranked worst in the world—surpassing the industrial pollution of even the most factory-ridden parts of China and India. However, with speculation that the fires may have been caused by faulty electrical infrastructure neglected by a greedy utility company trying to save money by cutting corners, you can’t exactly say that this pollution isn’t the product of industrial capitalism.

In Paradise, California, right next to where the fire started and where whole communities have been erased by the fire, North Valley Mutual Aid is organizing with over 100 community members to, “support these [generally low-income… largely elderly] community members who are going to face a stiff headwind in their efforts to rebuild their lives from bureaucrats, developers, and institutions like FEMA.”

They’re looking for funds, kitchen and first aid supplies, clean-up and building materials, and organizing spaces. You can contact North Valley Mutual Aid at

Other autonomous, self-directed relief efforts have sprung up too, like the massive tent city in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Chico, California. One factor driving fire to turn to autonomous relief on the streets has been a spat of noro-virus outbreaks in the Red Cross shelters in Chico.

Riot Dogg: Straight up, these are refugees. Nationalists and politicians will make up all kinds of reasons that we shouldn’t make common cause with refugees from abroad, inventing in-groups and out-groups, but as soaring housing prices in cities and climate disasters are driving up homeless in America for the first time since the 2008 recession, we should realize that the same way that neither climate change nor capitalism know borders, neither should our movements to support refugees and fight against capitalist-driven disasters together.

Rebel Girl: Speaking of which, thousands of people from the migrant caravan arrived in Tijuana, Mexico last week, across the border from San Diego. On Sunday, nationalists waving Mexican flags protested outside the sports complex serving as a temporary shelter for the Central American migrants. The 300 or so nationalists assaulted migrants and called them “invaders,echoing the same language Trump uses to describe Mexican immigrants in the United States.

Riot Dogg: I guess it was just a matter of time until the ugly head of nationalism and fascism reared its head in Mexico, as it has in Turkey, Brazil, the USA, Russia, Austria, so many places…

Rebel Girl: But there is also solidarity on the ground. There’s a great website, Commotion.World, that is easy to use and spells out all the ways to support the caravan—from listing the physical items that are needed, to who you can trust to donate to, to what you can do if you want to actually be on the ground, to a map of ICE detention centers and business that contract with ICE. That’s, please check it out!

Riot Dogg: Fascists were also on the streets across the US this weekend, although, not exactly in force.

During the Boston Anarchist Book Fair on Sunday, six neo-Nazis walked into the building the book fair was in chanting, “Blood and Soil,” a straight-up Nazi slogan. The men were likely from the group Patriot Front, which originated out of Vanguard America, the group James Alex Fields marched with in Charlottesville. It didn’t take long for book fair goers to gather around the men and forcing them out of the space, without even a physical altercation. A report from the Black Rose Anarchist Federation reminds us, “The incident is an important reminder that organized security preparations and quick reactions are essential to protect the safety of our movements and organizations.” The whole confrontation lasted less than 10 minutes—no mess, no fuss.

Rebel Girl: The previous day, anti-fascists well outnumbered right-wing rallies in both Portland, Oregon and Philadelphia.

In Portland, about 40 misogynists, including straight up white nationalists, turned out for a Patriot Prayer #HimToo rally, where speakers spouted rape apologism and anti-Semitic conspiracy nonsense. The group, as usual, was surrounded and defended by cops, who faced hundreds of anti-fascists and feminists with banners reading, “We Believe Survivors, Do You?” Like clockwork, as the rally ended and the anti-fascist numbers began to dwindle, the police chased antifascists and media around the city, giving conflicting orders and deploying flashbangs, but Rose City Antifa report that arrests and injuries were minimal, this time.

Riot Dogg: In Philly the numbers were more or less the same—just under 40 right-wingers and almost a thousand anti-racist and anti-fascist counter-demonstrators. Just days prior, anti-fascist researchers on Twitter got a Philadelphia-area Proud Boy fired from his job of 10 years, and warned other fash that they should think twice about showing up in public for Saturday’s rally. On Saturday, there were no major altercations, although a couple of Proud Boys trying to be clever did get shoved out of the anti-fascist crowd.

And there were a loooot of Gritty signs and costumes. One sign read, “Gritty says ‘Nazis—puck off!’”

Rebel Girl: Ok, cute.

Riot Dogg: Another, with a motif of wild-eyed Gritty holding his t-shirt cannon, read, “Get fucked forever racist Proud Boy trash.”

Rebel Girl: Ooo, spicy!

Riot Dogg: There was even a couple from New Jersey who skipped their anniversary plans to protest fascism while dressed up like Gritties, which I think is the plural form of Gritty.

Rebel Girl: Well it was Gritty who once said, “At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

Riot Dogg: Riiight. And speaking of 100% true Gritty facts, it turns out that at least 43 people voted for Gritty in Philadelphia’s elections. Didn’t really know where else to put that in but there you have it! More people in Philly voted for Gritty than showed up to this stupid right-wing rally.

Rebel Girl: Oh it was plainly obvious that the fash were not welcome on Saturday. Even taxi drivers were refusing to pick up any of the right-wing demonstrators upon learning who they were, and many of the attendees simply had to take a long walk of shame.

Riot Dogg: Well, naturally—did you see the phone number on the side of that taxi? 215-GET-ACAB.

Rebel Girl: Buuuut Saturday’s anti-fascist demo was not all fun. Philly police beat anti-fascists, and sent at least one to the hospital. As A World Without Police wrote on Twitter, “To be clear: the numbers that came out in Philly to counter protest the Fash was inspiring and powerful, and I want to thank everyone who came out. The fash didn’t win today. They lost. But the feeling amongst many of our comrades was: so did we. We didn’t win. The pigs did.

“Many organizers were happy to stay in a police free speech pen, and on (at least) two different occasions directly led and encouraged separate formation marches into the pen:

“a ‘socialist’ organizer literally started a physical fight with a comrade who was just arguing against marching into the police pen. And while the fascist numbers were small, they managed to have three full hours of (embarrassingly poor but nevertheless) speeches.

“We know the police are intimidating, scary, overwhelming and powerful, and it’s scary to confront them. But if we want to actually shut down fascism we can’t let the police win, because the police winning IS the victory of fascism.

“We need to be bold enough, and not just the small minority that is blocked up and doing antifa work everyday, but everyone, to try and break a police line–to fight the fascists both in an out of uniform.

“The street far-right (in the US exclusively, for the moment, in this current manifestation) is undeniably weaker right now than a year ago But they will grow back stronger if we don’t turn against the police fearlessly and analyze the way liberalism, police and fash are one piece”

Riot Dogg: Makes sense to me—I remember all the fair-weather anti-fascists who patted themselves on the back after Unite the Right 2 for simply having more numbers that day—but the fash were still able to hold their rally and paint themselves as successful to their base. As Elizabeth King said on Twitter, “Fascist rallies are already totally normalized, it seems. People are just relieved when a rally isn’t ‘another Charlottesville’ but that’s entirely the wrong way to look at it. The aim of these rallies isn’t necessarily murder (yet) it’s to normalize and recruit and intimidate.”

Rebel Girl: Anti-fascist action is a lot more than just showing up to a rally. And last week, comrades down in North Carolina exposed how much more it entails by speaking out about the ways they’ve been targeted by fascists for doxxing and harassment.

In Chapel Hill, activists involved in the protests over the toppled confederate statue Silent Sam have been incessantly harassed and had their addresses published online by Jack Corbin, the alias of the self-described fascist who interacted more than any other Gab user with Robert Bowers, the killer in the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre. In one story we read, a faculty member warned police of Corbin’s threats against a certain student, and the police didn’t even acknowledged receipt of the warning until almost two months later, just days after said student tweeted about how the police never followed up with her.

And over in Asheville last week, the ad-hoc group Asheville Solidarity responded publicly after a massive fascist doxxing effort against over 20 people. We’ll read at length from their statement:

Riot Dogg: Nazis and white supremacists are stalking and harassing activists in Asheville, North Carolina. And they’re not just targeting us, they’re harassing our families too.

They’ve targeted more than twenty people they believe are involved in anti-racist organizing in North Carolina. They’ve posted information such as our home addresses, places of work, family members, license plates, social media profiles–whatever information they could find. They seem to be fixating on trans and nonbinary people in particular, and delight in trying to deadname and misgender us whenever possible. Some of us, and some of our family members, have received harassing messages.

They wrote about us like it’s some big secret that we oppose fascism, that we oppose racism, that we oppose all forms of bigotry and oppression. It’s not a secret. We weren’t hiding. We are not ashamed.

This isn’t a plea for sympathy. Our friends and immediate community have been amazing. Rather, this is a message to let you know that if you ever find yourself targeted by neo-Nazis and the far right, you are not alone. None of us need to face this rising tide of fascist scum alone. We have each other.

Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter, actively and publicly chatted with alt-right trolls who had doxxed anti-racist activists. He even discussed violence against anti-racists in our region. This is probably a good time to think seriously about your online security and that of your family members and friends. But staying safe isn’t just a matter of changing your Facebook settings or making your Instagram private. It’s a matter of us showing up for each other. Of us not letting them intimidate us, not letting them isolate us. Not letting them stop us from our work. Especially when the work is stopping fascism.

Rebel Girl: The statement also includes a number of organizations, bands, and local businesses listed in the doxxes, who you can show support for, including Firestorm Books, The Final Straw Podcast, Asheville Anti-Racism, and plenty more. We encouraged you to check out the full statement, which we have linked on our website.

Riot Dogg: And speaking of Gab, last weekend anarchists and anti-fascists in Washington state paid a visit to the house of the man who has decided to pick up their hosting—the appropriately named Robert Monster of Puget Sound Anarchists reports, “We anonymously distributed flyers to his Sammamish, WA neighborhood that gave examples of the kind of vile content that can be found on Gab and making it known that someone in their community was responsible for such a platform existing. It was a small and easy thing we did in solidarity with the week of action on this 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Our love and solidarity goes out to all survivors of right wing violence and to those we have lost. For a future without fascists and the state that creates them. For anti-fascism and anarchy.”

Rebel Girl: Also in Washington state, documents were recently leaked after an internal investigation into a Clark County cop’s affiliations with Proud Boys led not only to her firing, but also revealed that the FBI now labels the Proud Boys as an ‘extremist group.’ For our rant about why extremism is a bad framework for opposing Nazis, check out Hotwire #7, but this story briefly illustrates what we’re talking about.

The leaked document is actually an internal investigation after a cop in Washington State was fired for her affiliations with the Proud Boys. Quoting the Guardian, “The document concludes that membership in the Proud Boys may constitute a violation of the Clark county sheriff’s department oath to support and protect the laws of the United States, since Proud Boys ‘members have been documented as having called for the closure of all prisons, the issuing of firearms to everyone, the legalization of all drugs, the deportation of all illegal immigrants and the shutdown of the government.’”

Riot Dogg: Weird, save for the deporting immigrants part all of that actually sounds… kind of anarchist… and, uh, for the record Proud Boys definitely don’t believe in closing all prisons, least of all the Proud Boy affiliated cop that that quote was about!!!

Rebel Girl: Yeah, that’s the thing. It’s like New York City Antifa says, police have continually helped Proud Boys organize & recruit by targeting antifascist counter-protesters, who continue to be the only ones taking any initiative against the Proud Boys. And now, even when there’s an isolated instance of a crackdown, they do it in such a way as to lay the groundwork for further repression of people who oppose the government, namely, us.

Rebel Girl: Last Wednesday, in traditional Mapuche territory, a specially trained counter-insurgency commando of Chilean police shot unarmed 14-year-old Mapuche villager Camilo Catrillanca in the back, killing him. In response, a wave of revolt has swept across the country—including street conflict with police and the torching of police vehicles and buses in Santiago, a mass march and clashes with police in Valparaiso, and arson attacks on a Church and a luxury resort in the southern, Mapuche-populated region when Catrillanca was killed. There have also been protests in the cities of Concepcion, Iquique, and elsewhere. The Chilean state has tried to do some housecleaning to appease those angry over the murder, namely by firing police from the commando unit that killed him, yet none were fired for the murder itself, rather for lying about facts of the case or handling the squad’s camera incorrectly. A high-profile Mapuche political prisoner and spiritual leader, Celestino Cordova, has started a hunger strike after Camilo’s murder, saying he will remain on hunger strike until the commando unit that killed Camilo leaves the southern region of Chile.

Riot Dogg: Jesus Christ. Fourteen years old? ACAB worldwide. We should update that backpatch—even if the world were to end tomorrow, I’d still punch a cop today.


Rebel Girl: We don’t call it the repression roundup for nothing and around the globe, anarchists and others in conflict with the state continue to catch heat.

Leading up to the G20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the state has security at maximum alert in attempts to stop any potential disruptions to the summit. There were two bombing attempts last Wednesday as comrades in Buenos Aires also make preparations for the G20. Two anarchists were arrested, and one injured during an attempt to explode the mausoleum of an Argentine police chief who was responsible for the murder of 11 protestors on May Day, 1909 and who was in turn assassinated by anarchist legend Simón Radowitzky.

One comrade was injured when the bomb went off in their hands before carrying out the action and remains in the hospital in serious condition, while the second person was arrested. The injured comrade is a mother of two who lost three fingers and incurred severe facial and skull injuries. A few hours later, a bomb was left under the car of Federal Judge Claudio Bonadi. The judge sentenced two demonstrators to several months’ imprisonment after riots in December 2017. The bomb did not detonate and the comrade who led the attack was quickly arrested by bodyguards.

On the pretext that those arrested were ‘violent anarchists’, cops carried out raids of several houses, including three left-wing cultural centers. One of these spaces is a squat that is alleged to be the “epicenter of the anarchist movement.” The police stormed the long-occupied house with heavily armed special units and made ten additional arrests.

And in a bizarre show of state power, there was a ceremony where China publicly donated armored clearance vehicles to the Argentinean government, while the Security Minister once again urged city dwellers to leave Buenos Aires already on the Thursday before the summit, warning that “…the situation in the city will become very complicated… if there is any violence, we will take immediate measures against and stop it.” 

Crimethinc is publishing daily updates on the activities in Buenos Aires during the G20, you can read up on what’s going down at

Riot Dogg: Reports of the torture, violence, and threats endured by Russian anarchists ensnared in the government manufactured “Network” case continue to come trickling out of the country. Yuly Boyarshinov, an antifascist and “really free market” organizer from St Petersburg, who was arrested on January 21 of this year, recently wrote an account of the ongoing harassment and violence against himself, and many other prisoners, at the hands of other prisoners that carry out the orders of the prison administration in exchange for more privileges and rights, like their own bed, hot water, and food. Yuly was officially charged with participating in the “The Network” on April 11th, and he and other defendants charged in the case remain in custody. Despite shock torture, beatings, and humiliation, Yuly is among several defendants in the case who have refused to sign false confessions. Stay strong, friends, we’ll keep you in our thoughts and at the heart of our struggles.

Rebel Girl: In other news coming out of Russia, more information has become available about Vyacheslav Lukichev, whom we reported on last week. Lukichev was arrested in the wake of the bombing carried out by Mikhail Zoblitsky, and is accused of publicly justifying terrorism for having republished Mikhail’s pre-death message, despite media across the country republishing the same exact message. His lawyer reports that he was interrogated for 36 hours and beaten by riot cops. And…he was not only beaten by cops, but beaten in the presence of his state-appointed defense attorney, giving us one more searing example of why you shouldn’t put your trust in the state.

Riot Dogg: Alejandro Díaz Santis, a Tzotzil Indian who has been unjustly held in Mexican prison for the last 19 years, has been transferred to a federal prison far from his home. He is a prisoner in struggle who is part to of the organization “Los Solidarios de la Voz del Amate” and the move is an attempt to disrupt his organizing efforts.  Supporters are demanding that he be returned to San Cristóbal de las Casas, closer to his home and family.

Rebel Girl: Northwest Detention Center Resistance recently reports that Amar Mergensana, a 40 year-old asylum seeker held for 11 months at the Tacoma, Washington Northwest Detention facility, has recently been transferred to a medical facility. Amar was on hunger strike for 86 days as part of the Nationwide Prison Strike and was recently reported dead but pressure from NDCR revealed that he is actually receiving medical attention. Heal well, Amar.

Riot Dogg: Todd Wentworth, a prison rebel held by the Michigan Department of Corrections, is in need of support. He’s been the victim of retaliation after testifying against the MDOC regarding the guards’ role in a case involving the murder of a queer, black prisoner whose death Todd witnessed. Supporters are asking folks to write him letters and that notes of support, however short, would mean a lot to Todd. You’ll find his address in our shownotes.

Todd Wentworth #400451
Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility (IBC)
1727 West Bluewater Highway
Ionia, MI 48846

Rebel Girl: Enough is Enough reports that 500 cops and an anti-terror squad raided several apartments in Berlin’s Rigaer 94 squat last Thursday. The eviction attempt was instigated by the supposed owner of Rigaer 94, Markus Bernau, leaving a wake of broken doors—which the cops had to break down themselves, after a locksmith refused to open the buildings for them. Eventually, the lawyer for Rigaer 94 helped end the raid, leaving squat residents to clean up and continue to plan future resistance.

Riot Dogg: According to Indigenous Action Media, police in Flagstaff, Arizona confronted an indigenous organizer while they were at work and arrested them for their alleged role in demonstrations that took place on what is formerly known as Columbus Day, but since reclaimed as Indigenous People’s Day. The police report about the demonstration states that 13 people now have charges stemming from the actions, all misdemeanor charges of “Obstructing a Public Thoroughfare.” The police report goes on to say that there may still be more arrests stemming from social media and other surveillance gathered by the department. The demonstration called for justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, an end to mass deportations and migrant detentions, accountability of the city of Flagstaff for their hypocritical role in desecrating the sacred Peaks, and to address the disproportionate level of arrests that Native people face in Flagstaff.


Riot Dogg: And now for prisoner birthdays and next week’s news.

Rebel Girl: November 25 is Josh Williams’ birthday. Josh is one of the prisoners from the Ferguson uprising of 2014. It might only take you a few minutes to write him a letter, but it could be the highlight of his week. We have his address and a guide to writing prisoners from New York City Anarchist Black Cross in our shownotes.

Riot Dogg: And we’ll close out this episode with next week’s news, our calendar of events that you can get plugged into in real life

Rebel Girl: Also on Sunday, November 25, there will be a march from San Diego down to the border with Tijuana to meet the Migrant Caravan. Find more details in a link in our shownotes.

Riot Dogg: There’s a call out for an antifascist block to participate in the St Andrews Day antiracist march in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday, November 24. Gather at the Glasgow Green at 10:30 am.

Rebel Girl: There’s also a call for a feminist demo against fascism in London on the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women. Meet at 5pm on November 25th at BBC Portland Place in London, England.

Riot Dogg: The Leimert Park Mutual Aid Organizing Committee, in Los Angeles, California, will hold their monthly anti-gentrification free store this Saturday, November 25th from 2 to 6pm at the Leimert Park Art Walk.

Rebel Girl: As aforementioned, Argentina is gearing up for the G20. Popular education and trainings begin November 25, with a People’s Summit at the Faculty of Social Science of the University of Buenos Aires on November 28, and in Plaza de los dos Congresos November 29. The big street demonstrations will take place November 30. Anarchists in Argentina have really taken to the streets in the last year, over the disappearance of anarchist comrade Santiago Maldonado, over the economic crisis, and against the new right-wing government under President Mauricio Macri—and with the fierce resistance to the G20 and capitalism in Germany last summer, we expect Buenos Aires to be a flashpoint of anti-authoritarian action.

Riot Dogg: Anarchists in Umea, Sweden are hosting their first ever bookfair from November 29 to December 2.

Rebel Girl: People are raising money for a People of Color Trans Two-spirit Women Action Camp to be held sometime this fall on occupied land. The camp is intended to provide Trans, two spirit, and women of color autonomy from white supremacy and patriarchy and create space to engage in converstaions on colorism, transphobia, disability, privilege around documented status, and antiblackness while building solidarity. There’s a link to donate in our shownotes.

Riot Dogg: There’s an international call from anarchists on four continents for a day of action against borders on December 10. The idea is to kick off the 10th of each month as an anti-border day of action. You can find a link to the full call in our shownotes.

Rebel Girl: The Father Frost Against Putin Festival will take place again in Helsinki, Finland January 5th and 6th, 2019. The intention of the festival is for anarchists to be able to discuss the state of affairs in Russia and the ex-USSR while getting to meet other political activists without the roving eye of police or special service operations.

Riot Dogg: The New York City Anarchist Mental Health Conference will be held on February 23rd. The one-day conference is for anarchist, anti-authoritarian, and anti-capitalist mental health care workers and students to skill-share, build community, and discuss how to infuse mental health work with anarchist values. Email for more info.

Rebel Girl: The Unist’ot’en camp has put out a call for support of all kinds after a visit from Transcanada, the corporation that’s attempting to force the proposed Coastal Gas Link pipeline through their lands. The camp reports that TransCanada is choosing to attempt their preconstruction work and construction plans during the winter months, hoping that the winter will send the pipeline resistance into hibernation and they can proceed without much hindrance. They are asking people to launch a campaign, organize education forums, host kitchen parties, fundraise with their consent, organize a caravan, plan a trip to support them, donate, or spread the word. We have a link to the full call on our site.


Rebel Girl: And that’s it for this Hotwire. As always thanks to Underground Reverie for the music. You can contact us at podcast[AT]CrimethInc[DOT]com, where you can also find all the links, mailing addresses, and useful notes we customized for this episode.

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