We received the proofs for the CrimethInc. book today! Go to the book site to learn more.

Our latest news is that the Ire and Zegota CDs are finally available, which has been long overdue. The Zegota CD is remastered from the LP tapes and sounds about twice as good to my ears — I’m not going to bother to rant and rave about this band, since they’re some of my closest friends and favorite musicians, and have been so active in CrimethInc. projects over the past year. The Ire CD is their last recording, and I think we all feel honored that we could release it … I think it really gives substance to all the potential they showed on their earlier records. I think of what I’d hoped Neurosis would do after Enemy of the Sun, and for me, this is the realization of that smothered hope, only coming from a hardcore background musically and politically.

And don’t forget that Zegota is out on tour so check them out!

And last but not least, we are looking for distributors for the next installment of Harbinger #3, our free propaganda newsletter. Its free, its revolution, what else could you want?