Announcing Rolling Thunder #12!


We are thrilled to announce the twelfth issue of North America’s premier anarchist journal, Rolling Thunder. As usual, this issue is the biggest and best yet, and we can’t wait to share it with you. If you have a subscription, you should be receiving your copy right about now—they were sent out last week. Yet another reason to support us by subscribing!

The centerpiece of this issue is a 64-page feature on the protests against police and white supremacy that spread from Ferguson, Missouri across the United States. It traces the conflict from its origins in the antebellum South, offering a timeline of the clashes vividly illustrated with narratives from the front lines. We especially urge everyone to read the transcript of a debrief discussion among anarchist participants from Missouri, reflecting on their role in predominantly black struggles and the ramifications of joining in street confrontations that include arson and gunfire.

Two more features elaborate an anarchist analysis of sex work, beyond the second-wave feminist discourse of victimization and the third-wave feminist discourse of empowerment. From across the Atlantic, we present interviews with Turkish anarchists who crossed the Syrian border to join Kurdish fighters in pushing the Islamic State out of Kobanê, and an analysis of the rise of new left parties in Greece and around Europe as a phase in the neutralization of autonomous social movements. Elsewhere in the issue, a testimonial recounts one daring individual’s efforts to rid his community of surveillance cameras by physically destroying them.

As for theory, this issue offers a critique of demand-based political organizing and an intimate look at how what Foucault termed biopower functions in jails and cancer wards. All this, plus poetry and graffiti from the Egyptian revolution—comics about Loukanikos, the celebrated riot dog of Athens—stories from the life of Biófilo Panclasta, the most mysterious and mythologized of anarchist vagabonds—the usual stunning photography, acerbic commentary, and strategic reflection—and much, much more! Altogether, this issue is 154 pages, which places it alongside the books we’ve published as one of our most ambitious projects.

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