#42: Anarchism in Finland, Global Updates


#42: Anarchism in Finland, Global Updates - In this episode of the Ex-worker, we take another spin around the world, bringing you several short features focusing on various aspects of the global struggle against domination. We’ll share an interview with a Finnish anarchist, who tells us about an anti-nuclear struggle, a university occupation in Helsinki, and the response to refugees in Finland, and how anarchists have taken part in all of these. We’ll also hear statements from two Turkish anarchist collectives about the recent massacre of peace demonstrators in Ankara, Turkey. There’s also an update on repression from the Hambacher Forest occupation, a text from the streets of Santiago analyzing last month’s demonstrations against the anniversary of the coup by dictator Augusto Pinochet, and a report on the hunger strike of anarchist prisoner Evi Statiri in Greece—along with plenty of news, upcoming events, and more.

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