Stretch Goal: Stickers and Translation


With scarcely a week left on our Kickstarter campaign, we’re already two thirds of the way to $20,000. If we reach that goal, in addition to publishing the books, we will also be able to print stickers and arrange Spanish translation.

For this campaign, the vast majority of each pledge goes to pay for producing and shipping the books; that’s why our stretch goal is so high. If you help us raise enough money, however, we can take this to the streets, helping to create an atmosphere of opposition to the border clampdown that is taking place all around the world right now.


If we reach our new goal, we can make 50,000 copies of this sticker, offset printed at 3” by 5”. We’ll send out five free with each copy of No Wall They Can Build in the rewards and make them available in bulk afterwards for $0.05 to $0.20 each.


If we reach our new goal, we can prepare a Spanish version of No Wall They Can Build to offer free in perpetuity, so this project can serve as a bridge between communities in struggle. We will also offer a Spanish translation of the Borders Poster as a PDF.

Thank you for all your assistance—your faith in us confers a responsibility that we take seriously. We’re grateful for all the ways you help us to do our part.